Undisputed protagonist of the living area and not only, furnishing element at the centre of home and contract spaces: the table interpreted by Lema through its unique style, in an assorted and mixed collection. Designer pieces signed by prestigious names in the field of international design, ideal expression of the outstanding company’s ability to convey the different visions of designers to offer a consistent collection, able to always meet the quality characteristics embodied by the corporate DNA. Lema prefers a relaxed and informal style to furnish environments characterised by a lived atmosphere, to enjoy in total freedom. Rectangular, square, round, extendable and fixed: even if different in terms of shape, sizes and materials, Lema’s tables are joined by the typical quality of the brand, consisting of fine details visible by an expert eye, despite being subtle. Craftsmanship care adds to the careful selection of materials and finishes, to underscore the close link between industrial quality and artisan skills that asserted Lema’s uniqueness since its foundation.