Made-to-measure vanity

design by Steve Leung
€ 50,000.00

Classic shape and timeless charm

Designed by Steve Leung, Eureka is the elegant and feminine vanity that expresses the charm of a furnishing from the past in a contemporary key.  By rethinking the notion of the wardrobe in a new way, Eureka integrates perfectly with the “Armadio al Centimetro” range in the sleeping area, giving rooms an aesthetic refinement: an intimate and cosy space in which to express your personal style.  The unexpected is revealed with Eureka thanks to the versatility of its components, customisable in every single detail, to communicate a sophisticated lifestyle through discreet glamor.

design by
Steve Leung
Eureka is an "all-in-one" system that adapts in an innovative way to different lifestyles, tastes and personal interests, with a range of modules furnished with internal compartments. With a profound attention to every detail it invites you to take a moment to yourself. It is not a simple container, but a system that evolves and changes together with those who choose it.



产品作为一个整体的组成部分,一种以对话为基础的生活方式。 一个理念的家是关系和分享的首选场所。 对话,如形状与材料的碰撞,美学与功能,表达LEMA将不同的设计师和产品聚集在一个和谐的集合中的平台 这些家具设计成彼此对话,但也可以独自居住,适合个人生活方式,适合世界各地的家园。