Tailor-made wardrobe

design by Steve Leung
€ 50,000.00

Guardian of your personal style

The elegance declined in every single detail, makes Eureka the ideal tailor-made system to store your clothes, a discreet everyday companion that reveals its personality in balance between aesthetics and functionality.  Designed by Steve Leung, the wardrobe features a hinged door with a bronze handle expanding the range of Lema components available. This allows you to create your own wardrobe based on personal aesthetic and space needs.


design by
Steve Leung
Eureka is a made-to-measure wardrobe, expression of a contemporary, glamorous and international lifestyle. The detail of the bronze handle makes it iconic and recognisable, revealing a strong personality able to adapt to the rhythms of everyday life and inspire you to make every day the best it can be.



产品作为一个整体的组成部分,一种以对话为基础的生活方式。 一个理念的家是关系和分享的首选场所。 对话,如形状与材料的碰撞,美学与功能,表达LEMA将不同的设计师和产品聚集在一个和谐的集合中的平台 这些家具设计成彼此对话,但也可以独自居住,适合个人生活方式,适合世界各地的家园。